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Member Profiles

Below is a list of our Member Profiles detailing services, products, and social media information. Each is filtered by Industry. 

be open to yes book cover suit_edited.jpg

Pam G. Eudaric, Be Open To Yes

Mother, Attorney, and Serial Entrepreneur, Pam G. Eudaric is the author  of this great new book on all the possibilities that manifest when you open yourself and your life up to “YES.”

Journey Journal

Pam G. Eudaric, Chocolate Secrets - A Great Cookbook

Founder and CEO of Chocolate Secrets, Pam G. Eudaric has created this fun and easy to follow cookbook filled with secrets from her delightful boutique in Dallas, Texas. Like the store, this cookbook features recipes from around the world. Enjoy.

1_19_22 cookbook cover.jpg
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